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Famous legends of brave rulers

RUA Legends presents the story of the most legendary Romanian rulers. Through our NFT collections, you will discover their acts of heroism, their warlike spirit, their quality as good strategists and how they managed to win battles, when they had the position of outsiders, in front of much stronger and numerous armies. You will discover how the Romanian rulers stood at the head of the Christian armies, leading them to victory in the famous Crusades of 1443.

Meet Stephen the Great, Michael the Brave, Iancu de Hunedoara or the brave Dacian leaders, in the exceptional collections of RUA Legends NFTs.
Vlad Tepes

The Genesis collection: 

The legend of Vlad Țepeș

Our first collection, The Genesis, presents the bloodiest Romanian ruler, Vlad Tepes. Known for his cruelty and his habit of impaling his enemies, Vlad Tepes ended up inspiring the famous character Dracula.

The fighting weapons, the specific clothing, the battle horses, the various powers that the Romanian ruler would have had, but also the famous bloody spear, will be found in our NFT collections. Get ready for The Genesis!

The Benefits of a
Genesis collector

Be a collector of one of the 666 fabulous nfts that we are about to launch, through the three The Genesis collections dedicated to the Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes. As a member of the RUA Legends community and as a holder of an NFT from the first collections, you will be part of the story and the benefits we are preparing:

  • Genesis 2 22 reserved NFTs for an airdrop for the Genesis 1 holders
  • Genesis 3 22 reserved NFTs for an airdrop for both Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 holders
  • Genesis 4 that will reveal other Romanian legends - 22 reserved NFTs for an airdrop for all the holders of Genesis 1, 2 and 3

YOU might be the LUCKY one!

The first collections, The Genesis, each composed of 222 items,will be divided into common (50%), rare (35%) and super rare (15%) NFTs.

However, we proposed to set the same floor price for all nfts: 0.3 ETH. Therefore, it is possible that one of the special rare NFTs will end up in your possession.

Horse NFT

Your NFT, your precious!

Your NFT, your precious! Your NFT gives you access to an exclusive game for #rualegends owners with daily rewards!

Each NFT will come with a specific power in the game, like the vampire module or the flaming horse, that can make you almost invincible. You’re gonna love to play the RUA Legends game!

BONUS: VIP access to GAMING Events, both Web2 and Web3, on our platform

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  • Q1 2022 Defining the concept and deciding on each character that RUA Legends collections will include.
  • Q2 2022 Designing the characters and the traits for the first 4 collections.
  • Q3 2022 Launching the beta version of our website. Preparing the smart contract and “The Genesis” mint. V1 version of the website
  • Q4 2022 Launching The Genesis Collection - The Bloody Vlad Țepeș aka Dracula (Christmas) - launching the V1 version of the RUA Legends Game
  • Q1 2023 Web3 login in our gaming website - Launching a new RUA Legends NFT Collection and introducing new characters - The Dacians!
  • Q2 2023 V2 version of the RUA Legends Game, with new chapters. Launching a new RUA Legends NFT Collection and introducing new characters - The Dacian Soldiers!
  • Q3 2023 Premium access to Rua Games Platform Working on a new NFT Collection.
  • Q4 2023 Launching a new collection dedicated to the Romanian rulers whom we associate with the union of the Romanian historical regions. (Christmas) V3 version of the RUA Legends Game, with new chapters.

Meet the RUA Legends Team:

Cezar Sigmirean
CoFounder & Brand Manager
Melinda Ráduly
CoFounder & Illustrator
Doru Borșan JR
CoFounder & Business Developer
Iohana Borșan
Ovidiu Chintovan
Community Manager
Mihai Ioniță
Strategy Consultant
Ionuț Doboș
RUA Legends Game Designer
Vlad Sas
Business Advisor
Tudor Coman
NFT Advisor
Laurent Perello
NFT Advisor